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Practitioner: Setareh Moafi, Ph.D., L.Ac. change

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  • Initial consultation & treatment
    This 90 minute appointment includes a full consultation & Acupuncture treatment as well as supplemental herbs, essential oils and/or stones prescription. For all first time patients or those who have not been to our clinic for an appointment for 2 or more years. Insurance may cover this service. 
  • Follow up treatment
    This 50 minute appointment includes patient evaluation and Acupuncture treatment. The practitioner may also prescribe herbs, essential oils, and stones if necessary. For patients who have been to our clinic for an appointment within the past two years. Insurance may cover this service.
  • Nutrition or Herbal Consultation
    This consultation includes a full dietary and/or herbal assessment personalized for each patient's condition. Practitioner will also provide patient with a dietary plan and/or herbal prescription. For patients who have have scheduled an appointment with this practitioner within the last year.