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Emily Boll
The Gem of the Bay Area Setareh, Salvador, Estaban, Sonja and the entire center made me, my husband, and my two children feel welcomed to be just as we are. We received a customized experience of healing, counseling, and inspiration. This is definitely a warm family friendly place and the healing gem of the Bay Area!
Thank You I have been an athlete for over 40 years. Soccer, mountain biking, snowboarding and professional kart racing. Nine months ago I had disc replacement. In my recovery training I developed symptoms that things were not getting better. At a recommendation from a close friend I booked an appointment with A Center for Natural Healing. Unbelievable the relief in just one visit. I did not know that my muscles were that incredible bound up. Finally I feel like I can recover and get back to racing!!!!! Thank you! Jim
Angela Moreira
Setareh I have been treated by Setareh for about three years. I came to see her at the first time because of intense fatigue, digestive issues and beginning of my perimenopause years. It has been a journey toward healing. My healthy improved, I have more energy and I feel stronger, stable and happier like never before. Setareh is a very knowledgeable and wise women. We are so lucky to have her around. Angela Moreira
Thank you:) Loved the workshop. It's just what I was interested in learning.
Amazing Experience I've come in to see both Salvador and Setareh once so far and both times my body responded immediately to their treatment. I left feeling completely relaxed but so much more aware of what I need to focus on in terms of improving my health in combination with acupuncture treatment. Both practitioners are very knowledgable, gentle, and immensely aware of the integration needed to treat external and internal factors that cause discomfort/pain. Definitely plan on being treated here again!
diane arp
Perfect Combo Yoga and GiGong I loved the yoga and gigong class put on by Dharma Studio. It was fun, easy, relaxing and restorative. Salvador's gigong was exciting and Setareh's yoga was nourishing and fun. Lovely day.THanks, Salvador and Setareh.